Turning Your Business's Asphalt Roof Into A Cool Roof

2 June 2016
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If the roof on your business is of the black asphalt variety, then the dark coloring of the roof absorbs all the different wavelengths of light that come into contact with it. The light energy is then converted into heat. This is why your asphalt roof is likely to become quite hot in the summer. This heat can be transferred to your business and increase your cooling bills during the summer. This can substantially increase your business costs. The heat can also cause shingle deterioration. Asphalt shingles are covered in a bitumen coating. This coating can break down due to UV radiation. Also, the oil-based material will slowly evaporate under the heat of the sun. This will leave your shingles cracked and curled. You can prevent these sorts of issues by turning your business's roof into a cool variety. Keep reading to learn about some ways to do this.

Secure White Granules

Most asphalt roofs are constructed with a layer of roofing granules over the top of them. These granules typically match the color of the roof for aesthetic purposes. While the granules are meant to reflect some of the sun's rays to reduce thermal absorption and UV damage, the dark tone will allow for light energy absorption as well. This can result in a roof that remains hot. You can reduce this problem by replacing the dark granules with lighter colored varieties. 

Granules do come in a wide variety of colors, and the options typically include white and silver. Both of these colors will reflect light away from the roof to keep it cooler. For the best durability, look for granules made with a ceramic coating. Natural minerals are often used to make up the base structure of roofing granules, and a surface coating is then applied over the top. Igneous rocks are typically used and a clay coating is used to cover them. However, the clay material can scrape away, while the ceramic coating will stay strong. This can help to keep your roof cooler for a longer period of time.

The more white or silver granules that are added to the roof, the more likely you are to keep your roof cool. Keep this in mind when you purchase the bags of granules. You will also need to make sure that the granules stay in place on the shingles. You will need to purchase a bucket of clear roofing cement or adhesive. 

Before you can place the new granules, you will need to remove the old ones. Typically, a large wire-bristled push broom can scrape the granules free. Carefully climb on your roof and use a small amount of pressure to sweep the roof with the broom until the granules are forced off the shingles. Clean the roof, add the adhesive, and sprinkle the new granules on top. If your business has a large or a steep roof, then think about contacting a commercial roofing professional to complete the job for you.

Add A White Paint

If you want more protection from the sun than the granules will provide, then you can change the color of your roof permanently to a lighter shade. You can do this with the addition of paint. You will need to purchase a specific roof paint product. If you want an easy to use roof coating, then look for an acrylic latex variety. These types of paints are commonly called all-purpose or multi-surface coatings, since they can be applied over asphalt as well as a variety of other roofing materials. 

You will need to do some preparation before applying the paint. You should remove the roofing granules with a wire brush broom and wash the roof with soap and water. Look for signs of mildew as well and use bleach or a commercial roof cleaning product to kill the mold. Rinse the roof, let it dry, and prepare your rollers to add the paint. Apply two or more thick coats. Keep in mind that the coating may need to be touched up a bit on a yearly basis or when you see paint chips and scratches. 

If you want a white roof coating that will last longer, then speak with your local commercial roofing professional about adding a PVDF variety or another type of roofing material or click here for more information.