5 Must-Have Essentials When "You're Having Triplets" Means Remodeling Your Bathroom

12 January 2017
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If you've recently been blessed with the news of a multiple pregnancy, your head may be spinning with the thought of caring for multiple children of the same age. One room in your house that will definitely see a large increase in usage is your family bathroom. Due to that increase, it's a good idea to go ahead and remodel your home's main bathroom to accommodate your growing family. Here are a few ideas. 

Multiple sink faucets 

Imagine all of your children trying to brush their teeth at the same time while using one faucet. Instead, install multiple sink faucets. This can be done by installing two or three basins or one long basin with multiple faucets. Install built-in risers underneath the sink cabinetry so your children can use them as step-stools to reach the sink when they are young. As they get taller, the risers can be swapped out for drawers to hold all their small toiletries and other items. 

Separate sinks from the toilet & tub/shower

As your children grow, the chances that one will need to use the toilet while someone else needs to use the sink or shower will grow, especially when they are teenagers. It's a good idea to separate the toilet from the sinks and the tub or shower. If possible, consider also separating the tub or shower from the sinks and toilet. That way, everyone can have the privacy they need. This may mean you'll need to cut into a room or closet to make enough room for the additional bathroom features. Install sliding doors to eliminate the space necessary for swinging doors. 

Grab bars in the tub/shower

When your children are small, it will be easier to bathe them all at the same time. To make things easier—and safer—install grab bars in the tub or shower for your children to hold onto as you bathe them. Make sure the grab bars are attached securely to the wall by installing them directly into wall studs. Alternatively, block the walls behind the tub or shower enclosure so the grab bars can be installed. As the children grow older, the grab bars can be removed completely (or reinstalled higher) and the holes filled in with the appropriate finishing, such as grout in a tiled shower wall. 

Space for laundry

You'll need to think carefully about where the laundry will be placed. With multiple children from one pregnancy and possibly other older or younger children, you'll spend a lot of time doing laundry. It may be a good idea to install a stacked washer and dryer in the sink portion of the family bathroom so you won't have to trek dirty laundry back and forth between the bathroom and a laundry room. If there isn't enough space for a washer and dryer, you'll at least need to make sure there's enough room for a large hamper. Dirty clothing will have a greater likelihood of getting tossed into a hamper in the bathroom, at least until they are teenagers when all bets are off. 

Recessed shelving for storage

With the additional sinks, doorways, and laundry, that may leave little space left for storage. Fortunately, shelving and cabinets can be recessed into walls in between wall studs to save space. Keep in mind that the placement of recessed shelving and cabinets will depend largely on where the pipes and electrical wiring are inside the walls. Therefore, it's a good idea to tell your bathroom remodeling contractor from a company like Gabor Design Build that you would like to incorporate these storage essentials in your bathroom before he or she begins to design the remodeling project.