3 Bathroom Remodeling Trends To Consider In 2017

1 March 2017
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Your master bathroom is more than a room to bathe. For many, the master bath is an oasis or sanctuary away from the stress and hassles of everyday life. Since it is such as well-loved and well-used space, updating it regularly is smart. While shocking for many homeowners to learn, a bathroom remodel can offer a 100 percent or more return on investment. Of course, knowing where to start in the remodel can be overwhelming due to the different options and trends on the market. If you are planning remodeling your master bathroom this year, consider one or more of these trends that will never go out of style.


Technology is everywhere today. You may already bring your tablet or smartphone into the bathroom to stream music and videos or read the news, but incorporating technology into your bathroom remodel can enhance your Internet experience even further.

Built-in tablet stands and USB ports in your electrical outlets are conveniences that allow you to stream and charge your phone while grooming and getting dressed in the bathroom.

Bluetooth enabled showerheads with wireless speakers allow you to sync your phone or tablet to stream music while taking a shower or bath. The Bluetooth feature ensures you can enjoy your favorite audio without the worry of wires, cables, and plugs.

Also, add a modern medicine cabinet to your bathroom. With LED lights and built-in defoggers and electrical outlets, these mirrored cabinets allow you to store items, shave, and groom without any interruptions.


Most people have some sort of interest in going green or eco-friendly living. From recycling and carrying a reusable bag to composting and driving a hybrid vehicle, there are many ways to go green today. Fortunately, your bathroom remodel can be a great place to improve energy and water conservation efforts. Here are a few options to consider for your bathroom remodel:

  • Watersense Faucets and Showerheads – Your master bathroom will most likely have one or more showerheads, a faucet in the tub, and possibly two sink faucets. To conserve water, consider installing faucets and showerheads certified by Watersense. Using a special design, these faucets reduce water flow, reducing waste and saving you money if you have a monthly water bill. On average, Watersense faucets can save up to 700 gallons of water per year.
  • Low-Flush Toilets – Flushing away waste does not have to be wasteful. To conserve water, opt for a low-flush toilet in your master bathroom. Depending on the make and model of the low-flush toilet, gravity or a specialized vacuum moves waste out of the toilet bowl without a large amount of water waste. With so many designs and colors available, your low-flush toilet can become a functional, stylish, and eco-friendly addition to your master bath.


Gone are the days where white tile and glass were the focal points of the bathroom. Today, more and more homeowners, builders, and designers are incorporating unique style into the master bathroom.

Add rustic appeal by installing faux wood tile floors in the space. Faux wood tile gives the illusion of hardwood floors, but offers the durability and moisture-resistance of traditional ceramic tile. Chunky wood shelves over the tub or vanity align with the rustic look while offering additional storage space.

If you prefer a more worldly-look, skip the standard 12x12 ceramic tiles and install Moroccan tiles. The unique shape combined with different colors in and around your tub and shower may look trendy, but the finished design will be classic enough to stand the test of time.

Remodeling your master bathroom may seem overwhelming, but it does not have to be a stressful event. With these tips, your master bathroom will look and feel valuable, functional, and trendy for long periods of time.