Give Your Siding A Facelift

9 March 2017
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Is the exterior of your home looking worn and tired? Then it's time to plan for a facelift. A few simple upgrades and changes to your siding can go a long way toward making your home look better, thus increasing your curb appeal. The following are a few ideas to try.

Idea #1: Attend to small damages 

Minor damage to the siding can really bring your home's appearance down. If you have metal siding, a contractor may be able to pull out any minor dings or dents. Small cracks or holes in wood siding can be fixed with wood putty and repainted. Even vinyl siding can be patched if it has a hole or a crack. Not only will repairing these issues make your home look better, but it will also prevent moisture and pests from getting into your home's walls.

Idea #2: Apply a fresh coat of paint

If you have wood or metal siding, repainting is a quick way to give your home an all new look. Wood should be repainted whenever the the old paint begins to look worn – if it has begun to peel or flake off, you have waited too long. Any standard exterior paint can be used on wood or metal, which makes it easy to change the color. There are also some paint products available for vinyl siding, but the colors are more limited.

Idea #3: Reseal the siding

Although vinyl is more difficult to paint successfully, there are still options for giving it a facelift. After a while, vinyl can look faded. Consider scheduling a pressure washing and sealing. The contractors will clean the siding thoroughly and then apply a vinyl sealer. The sealer helps brighten the color and evens out any sun fading so that the siding almost looks new again.

Idea #4: Upgrade your trim

Sometimes it is the trim that needs a bit of attention. Replace any broken or damaged trim around windows, doors, or along your roof eaves. If you have thin trim, consider upgrading to a wider trim style to provide more of a visual punch. Even updating the color of the trim can give a home a whole new look. Using a bright or vibrant color for the trim is a lot less risky than painting the house a non-traditional color, and a brightly hued trim can complement neutral siding perfectly.

For more help, or to replace your siding completely, contact a siding contractor in your area.