Have Your Remodeling Contractor Add Overhead Storage To Your Kitchen

23 March 2017
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If you're looking to change the appearance and functionality of your home's kitchen, a remodeling contractor, such as Diversified Builders Custom Remodeling, is the right person to call. Whether you present this professional with an idea or sit down with him or her and brainstorm some ideas together, your contractor can implement the ideas and give your kitchen a fresh, new look. One thing to consider in advance of your kitchen renovation is overhead storage. Shelves, hooks, and other storage elements strategically located overhead can keep several commonly used items always within reach, while providing several other benefits. Here are some things to consider about overhead storage in your kitchen.

What It Can Hold

One of the perks of overhead storage is that it can be adapted to suit your specific needs. In general, however, many homeowners use overhead storage for pots, pans, plates, and other cooking and serving implements. If you plan to store pots and pans overhead, your remodeling contractor may build a metal frame from which heavy-duty hooks can be held. These hooks can then slip through the holes in the handles of your pots and pans, saving you the hassle of digging through your cupboards to retrieve them. If you wish to store plates overhead, the storage apparatus will consist of shelves on which the plates can be stacked.

Where To Put It

Your overhead storage unit can technically be placed in several locations, but many homeowners favor this structure over their kitchen island. Your remodeling contractor will secure the storage shelves to the ceiling studs, ensuring that everything is secure, and customize it so that it's at your desired height. If you have a stovetop on the kitchen island, it's ideal to keep cookware in this location, as it will be convenient. If the kitchen island is bare and customarily used for plating your food, having plates stored overhead will be convenient.

How To Have It Look

You want to be sure that your overhead storage doesn't look bulky and make the kitchen feel cramped. To this end, many contractors will build (or recommend buying) overhead storage units that have an open concept. Instead of being enclosed like a typical cupboard, the unit will often be designed like a rack. It may be made of metal tubes or rods, which can be finished to match your overall kitchen decor. For example, if you have brushed steel appliances, you may wish to have your storage rack include brushed steel elements. Even when its shelves are full of dishes and its hooks are holding pots and pans, an open-concept storage unit still shouldn't look too bulky.