Why Go With Prefabricated Hardwood Flooring For Your Basement Finishing Project

29 March 2017
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Do you want hardwood flooring for your basement, but find that real hardwood is not practical in the space? If so, you may be looking into alternative materials. Prefabricated hardwood flooring products can be a great alternative, since they look wonderful and are quite durable. They are also easy enough to install that you can do it on your own. Here are some reasons why to pick prefabricated materials over the real deal.

Prefabricated Hardwood Is Easy To Install

If you are looking to save on the cost of having hardwood flooring installed, know that it's possible to do a prefabricated hardwood flooring install on your own. The floor boards have tongues and grooves in them that help the pieces snap into each other. No fasteners, screws, or adhesives are necessary to get each floorboard to connect. Because of this, the installation will be a breeze. Your total cost of materials will also be reduced as well, since all you'll need to buy are the floorboards

Prefabricated Hardwood Can Be Removed Easily

Are you putting prefabricated hardwood flooring in a basement, and are worried about what would happen if water got in? Know that you can easily remove this type of flooring because it isn't fastened to your floor. If floorboards become damaged, you can easily replace just those boards.

This makes it an ideal type of flooring to use in rental units, since you won't have to refinish the floors when a tenant is done using them. Just replace the boards that are badly damaged and you'll be good to go.

Prefabricated Hardwood Requires Almost No Maintenance

One reason that many people don't go with real hardwood flooring is because it requires quite a bit of work to keep it looking good. The wood needs to be sealed periodically, it needs to be cleaned using a special cleaning solution instead of soap and water, and can be quite difficult to repair when a scratch shows up in a floor board.

Prefabricated hardwood is just the opposite, since it requires almost no maintenance over the years. There is a laminated top layer on the floorboards, which protects the wood like a sealant. It also means that you can clean the flooring with soap and water, sine it won't absorb into the wood.

For more information about prefabricated hardwood flooring for your basement, speak to a remodeling expert in your area, such as Everlasting Homes. They can help you find the style that you like for your home.