Advantages And Disadvantages Of Stainless Steel Countertops

17 June 2017
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The material qualities of stainless steel make it one of the ideal materials for kitchen countertops to be made out of. However, the distinctive nature of stainless steel also carries a number of drawbacks with it. Understanding the unique set of characteristics associated with stainless steel countertops can help you decide whether or not it meets your kitchen's countertop needs.

Advantages of Stainless Steel Countertops

Durability: One of the main draws of stainless steel countertops is the fact that they are extremely resistant to any sort of damage or stain (hence the name). You can put hot pots and pans directly on the counter's surface without fear, and oils and liquids will not be absorbed into the surface of the counter no matter how long they sit on it.

Ease of Cleaning: Similar to the above point, stainless steel countertops are extremely easy to clean, as they do not absorb any materials. This means that cleaning only takes the form of regular wiping down of the countertop with hot water and common household cleaner or soap.

Bright Aesthetic: Another key consideration when choosing countertops, especially for smaller kitchens, is the fact that they are extremely reflective. This can help brighten up the kitchen that they are installed in, creating the illusion of increased space. In order to capitalize on this, you may want to install more lights in your kitchen at the same time as your stainless steel countertop.

Disadvantages of Stainless Steel Countertops

Scratching and Smudging: While stainless steel countertops are extremely durable to most types of physical trauma, and will not stain, discolor or warp, they are susceptible to damage by sharp edges. Over time, knives and other pointed objects can nick and scratch at the surface of your counter, creating a dulled, marred appearance. Further, stainless steel will easily show fingerprints and other small deposits of oils and other contaminants, largely due to the reflective nature of the material itself. This means that you may find yourself constantly wiping down your countertop to maintain a clean aesthetic.

Noise: While most homeowners wouldn't consider this while getting their countertops installed, it's extremely important to keep in mind that stainless steel countertops can generate a great deal of noise when you are working in the kitchen. For some homeowners, this won't be a problem, but for those who enjoy a muted environment while cooking, or in houses that have kitchens that are attached to living spaces, you may want to choose another, quieter countertop material.

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