Vinyl Siding Is A Great Alternative To Re-Stuccoing Your Walls

27 June 2017
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Adding siding to stucco drywall is a great solution if your stucco is starting to age, fade, or crumble. Instead of re-stuccoing your walls, you can cover them with a modular vinyl siding product, which will have a lot of added benefits. This article explains why you should consider adding vinyl siding to your walls if your stucco is in disrepair.

Protect Your Walls With Vinyl

The best thing about adding siding to your stucco walls is that it protects your existing surface. Siding is basically a protective, hard surface that will preserve your sidewalls, blocking all moisture and sun exposure. It can be installed directly over most stucco walls quite easily. As long as your final anchor pieces can hit the studs within the wall, the installation is pretty simple.

Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

With vinyl directly on top of your existing sidewalls, your home will be significantly more energy efficient. The space in between the vinyl and the sidewall adds a very effective buffer zone. Whether you are worried about keeping out the cold or blocking the heat, vinyl siding will help a lot. Vinyl is a very energy efficient material because it does not absorb heat, it deflects sun rays, it does not absorb water, and it prevents heat loss from within your home.

You Walls Will Be Easier to Clean

The surface of vinyl siding is also smooth and does not absorb stains or dirt. This means it is very easy to clean. Often, a light rain will wash dirt off of your vinyl, making it look new and cleaner. The fact that vinyl is so easy to keep clean is a huge factor for many buyers.

Vinyl Can Be Self-Installed

Vinyl siding is also attractive to many homeowners because the labor for installing siding panels is often easier than stucco work. Removing stucco from a concrete wall is very strenuous work that usually requires a pressure washer or sandblaster. Furthermore, applying new stucco is even more difficult because you need to rent a special machine. Most vinyl siding products have a modular design that enables the pieces to be snap together very easily. You need minimal power tools to actually install vinyl siding.

Installing vinyl in place of stucco will obviously have a major affect on the look of your home. It is a great way to redefine your home style and add some value to your property. For professional help, contact local home builders.