Ready For New Windows? 3 Things That Will Help Narrow Down Your Options

9 March 2018
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Some updates will improve your home's look and value, but others will improve function and energy efficiency. Knowing which updates are most beneficial will ensure you make a right decision when you are investing in your home. Fortunately, new window installation is a great place to start. Not only are they important for your home's curb appeal, but new energy-efficient windows add value to your home while helping conserve energy. Of course, choosing which windows to install can be overwhelming. With this guide, you can reduce the stress of selecting new windows for your home.

Energy Star Certification

Most new windows claim they are energy efficient, but you must read the labels to determine the energy performance rating. Be sure the window you choose has an Energy Star label, which means it is certified by Energy Star to offer the most energy efficiency.

Energy Star windows reduce drafts and air loss, reducing the amount of heating and cooling required to keep your home comfortable. While you will be more comfortable, you will also be able to save money on your heating and cooling.

Single, Double, or Triple

Energy Star certified windows are available in many different glass options, so this is another decision you will need to make when it is time to make your selections.

Single-pane windows are not as popular today because they do not provide much in terms of insulation. Therefore, single-pane glass windows are best in mild climates only. Double-pane windows are the most common choice. A seal is added in between each pane of glass for extra protection against air loss.

Lastly, triple-pane windows may be an option to consider. Triple-pane glasses are sealed with argon and krypton, creating massive protection against air loss. If you live in a cold climate, triple-pane windows are ideal.

Proper Frames

Most people are surprised to learn how many different frame materials are available. By selecting the right frames, you can improve the actual look of your home both inside and out.

You may love the look of wood, since the wood grain will create a nice, natural finish, but wood is one of the most difficult to maintain. Wood frames will need to be cleaned and painted regularly. Aluminum frames are the most durable, making them a desirable choice. They do not require much cleaning and do not need to be painted or stained. Unfortunately, aluminum is also the most expensive option.

More and more homeowners are seeing the benefits of fiberglass, which offers an intense durability, ease of maintenance, and somewhat affordable price when compared to aluminum.

Choosing windows does not have to be a stressful task. With the right energy efficiency, pane type, and frame, new windows will be smart investments.