4 Ways To Maximize Space With Your Bathroom Remodel

11 July 2018
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Looking to remodel your bathroom, but have limited space to work with? If so, then there are some specific design tips you'll want to keep in mind, and potentially incorporate into your project to optimize space and functionality in even the tiniest of bathrooms. Here are some things to talk with your local bathroom remodeling services about.

Consider a Corner Sink/Vanity

Traditional vanities can take up a lot of space in a small bathroom, but a corner vanity is designed with space saving in mind. If you aren't able to find a corner sink or vanity that you like, you might opt for a floating vanity or even a pedestal sink in lieu of a vanity instead. This can be especially useful if you're designing a half-bathroom or powder room rather than a full bathroom.

Extend Vanity Counter Tops

If you do end up going with a vanity, you can maximize counter space while still keeping floor space clear by choosing to extend your vanity's counter tops across the top of the toilet. This is a great way to create additional storage for things like towels, extra rolls of toilet paper, and the like without the need for extra shelving or cabinetry.

Get Creative With Vertical Storage

When you're working with a small bathroom, wall space is your friend. Be sure to take advantage of vertical storage whenever possible by hanging shelves, hooks for towels, and other creative vertical storage solutions. Even over-the-door organizers can come in handy for storing things like bathroom cleaning products and extra toiletries without taking up valuable cabinet or counter space. From over-the-toilet organizers to shelving units and more, there are endless options for utilizing wall space for storage.

Opt for a Walk-In Shower

If your existing bathroom has a shower/tub combination and you don't get use out of the tub, consider freeing up a significant amount of floor space in your bathroom by converting to a walk-in shower instead. Most homeowners get more use out of a shower than they do a tub, after all. You can even create the illusion of even more space in your bathroom by opting for frameless glass shower doors rather than a traditional curtain and rod. 

Who says a small bathroom can't be both beautiful and functional? While redesigning or remodeling a smaller bathroom space will require a little more creativity and planning, implementing these and other tips into your design will help give you the bathroom you've always wanted regardless of space constraints.