What Makes a Kitchen Remodel Pop?

29 March 2019
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When performing kitchen remodeling work, you're going to want to make the new cooking space to look great and function well. Before you even sit down with a contractor to discuss your goals, it's a good idea to develop a rough game plan. Here are four suggestions that will help you give a new kitchen some pop.

Take a Trip to an Island

Creating useable space in a kitchen is critical. Even if you're not a hardcore cook or baker, there's a good chance that a future owner will want to see a cooking area that excites them.

The go-to solution is to install an island. Functionality is also easy to add to an island, and many homeowners now design their islands to house appliances, such as ovens and dishwashers. An island sink can also be super convenient.

Get Some Breathing Room

Open floor plans for homes are very popular, and for good reason. Knocking out a wall can provide a sense of space that allows a kitchen to interact with a nearby dining room. If you really need boundaries, you can also use the aforementioned island as a barrier between the kitchen and the dining space.

Time to Go to the Bar

Small bars are becoming popular additions to kitchens, especially for folks who do not have kids in their homes. Bar stools and a small serving area can be installed to create a space that'll be great for entertaining guests. Folks who want to take it to the next level may even want to look into adding beer taps. For a simpler solution, you may opt for something like a kegerator.

Love the Decor

Broad-stroke design choices are ultimately what will make or break your kitchen remodeling effort. You should pick something that makes sense for the style of your house, especially if you're going to have an open floor plan when the renovations are completed. For example, adding an ultra-minimalist kitchen with white surfaces all over the place isn't going to connect with a house that otherwise looks like a lodge built in the early 1900s.

Your decisions should extend to the appliances in the kitchen. If you are using a contrasting theme with black countertops and white cabinets, you want to buy appliances that repeat that theme. Hiding some appliances behind cabinet doors will allow you to make use of items that do not quite fit.