Tips To Better Organize Things In Your Garage

25 September 2019
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Many people use their garages for much more than just a place to park their vehicles at night. You can use it to store a lot of things that you do not have space for inside of your home or for the things that simply do not belong in the house like your kayak and bicycle. Of course, if you just start tossing things into the garage, it will not take a lot of time before the entire space is a mess and you can barely fit your car in there anymore. To help get your garage organized and keep it that way, you will want to review the following helpful suggestions.

Buy And Install Large Hooks To Keep Things Off The Floor

Sure, you can't store things like kayaks, oars, bicycles, shovels, and weed whackers in a cabinet in the garage, but you do not have to keep them on the floor taking up space there either. Instead, what you will want to do is consider installing some extra-large hooks. You simply screw them into the wood in your garage and then hang whatever you want on them. Make sure to purchase the hooks with a silicone or rubber coating over the hook part itself, as this will prevent your items from becoming damaged.

Buy And Label Cabinets

You will want to buy a lot of cabinets and line your walls with them. Just make sure that you are labeling all of the garage cabinets so you know where things are. After a while, you will remember where everything is and you won't need to depend on labels, but after first putting things away, it is best to have some labels on cabinet doors and drawers. Also, this will help others in the family find what they need without having to open and go through every single cabinet in the garage.

With those organizational tips for your garage in mind, you should be ready to get to work in there. Start buying the totes, hooks, shelves, and whatever else you might need to begin organizing the things that you want to store in there. Get the entire family involved, especially since some of the things you are storing are things they make use of too. Before you know it, you will have a wonderfully organized garage that you can take pride in, and that your neighbors can be jealous of.

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