Getting New Kitchen Cabinets? Understand What Wood Will Be Used

16 November 2020
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Are you going to remodel your kitchen and get all new cabinets? If so, you'll need to make a decision about what kind of wood you use. Here is what you need to know about the three types of wood that can be used. 

Particle Board

Particleboard is manufactured by combining sawdust, wood fibers, and adhesive. The wood is pressed into sheets and then cut to the exact size that is needed. This can be one of the cheapest materials to make cabinets out of if you are on a budget, letting you do a lot more with less money. However, particleboard does have its own drawbacks.

The problem with particleboard is that it doesn't have the holding power of other types of wood, so it will have trouble holding in fasteners and screws. The wood also tends to deteriorate if it becomes wet, which can be problematic for a kitchen where water is unavoidable. 


MDF is the short name for medium density fiberboard and is also made out of sawdust and adhesive. The main difference is that the material is dense and heavy compared to particleboard. It's also very easy to paint, and have a very smooth finish on the unfinished side of the material. Unfortunately, the drawbacks are very similar to particle board where it does not hold up well if it gets wet. The material is made of wood, but it can't be stained either. 


Plywood is going to be the best material you can get for your kitchen cabinets. It's made with layers of wood veneer that go in different directions, which help give the wood strength and stability. This is the reason why many furniture is made out of plywood since it is going to be much stronger than particle board or MDF. 

One reason that plywood is so popular with kitchen cabinets is that it can be painted or stained in the future, which makes the material easy to refinish if necessary. The strength of the wood also helps the fasteners and screws stay in the material. The solid layers of wood veneers will also hold up well if exposed to water so you won't have wood that swells and looks ugly if it becomes wet. Of course, the drawback to plywood is that it will be much more expensive than the alternative materials. 

Reach out to a kitchen cabinet contractor for more information about your three wood options.