Where Do People Get Remodeling Ideas?

18 November 2020
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If you're planning a kitchen or bath remodeling project, you might wonder how other people come up with ideas. Fortunately, there are several ways you can generate plans. Let's look at 5 that will help you quickly get in front of things.

Practical Considerations

You may want to work your way out from the most basic considerations. For example, someone doing a custom bathroom remodeling project might want to create as efficient of a space as possible. This can lead to a cascade of ideas, such as adding efficient windows and mirrors to take advantage of cheaply available light. You can then look at stylistic choices that dovetail with your practical ones, such as installing recessed lights that use LEDs.

Generalized Styles

It's often easier to generalize what you like and then start filling in the specifics. Do you want an open and clean space or something with more details, for example? If you decide you want to develop a clean look for your bath remodel, you can then explore different stylistic choices. This might lead you to select a modernist design, and that can then dictate the type of shower that will fit into your new bathroom.

Stealing Ideas from Other Homes

The highest compliment in the world of taste is imitation. Don't be afraid to take notes about what you do and don't like in other people's houses. If you see someone's Mediterranean-style cooking area, you can incorporate that into your custom kitchen remodel. Depending on how much you want to put your imprint on the renovation work, you can go for straight copying or something that takes general themes from the other house. Just don't complain if someone notices the similarities.

Letting the Space Speak to You

Some spaces will tell you their needs if you're willing to listen. If you have a small bathroom, for example, that already tips you off to some choices. Most folks will want a smaller bathroom to feel less claustrophobic, and that means adopting lighter colors. It's also common to use mirrors to open closed spaces up visually.

Resale Value

A somewhat different way to approach the problem is to consider how a kitchen or bath remodel might contribute to the resale value of your home. You can look at design trends, especially ones that appear in homes that sell for high prices. By imitating the choices of those homeowners, you'll up the value of your place and solve the dilemma of deciding how to remodel.