Ideas For Kitchen Storage When You Have A Small Kitchen

9 June 2021
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It's challenging to renovate a small kitchen, especially if you can't knock out walls to make it larger. However, the type of cabinets you choose can make a difference in the way your kitchen looks and how much open space you have. Here are some ideas that could help your small kitchen seem larger.

Get Custom Cabinets Installed

When you buy custom cabinets, they can be as wide or narrow as you need. Plus, they can be tall so they reach all the way to the ceiling and utilize space that's usually empty. This might allow you to have more storage space in a small area.

You could even have custom pull-out shelves made that fit perfectly in tight spaces so you don't lose space between appliances or beside a wall. Although they cost more, custom cabinets could help you squeeze a lot more storage into a tiny kitchen.

Have A Storage Island Made

An advantage of a kitchen island is that it can move around. Have your contractor put your island on wheels so you can move it out of your way when you're cooking to make more space and move it back when you're not preparing meals.

This gives you a few base cabinets for storage, but they're mobile so they can be placed where you want them. Of course, a mobile island won't have electrical hookups or plumbing, but it can still provide extra storage as well as more counter space.

Use Shelves For Upper Storage

Open shelves can make your kitchen seem larger since they eliminate the need for large cabinets on the wall. You can store food in glass jars so the shelves are attractive, with your food and dishes on display. You might even save some money by having shelves installed, and you can still have base cabinets or a pantry put in for storing things like pots and pans that are more difficult to arrange for an attractive display.

Shelves might even go with your kitchen decorating theme. White shelves might go with farmhouse décor while steel shelves can give your kitchen a more modern look. Open shelves can even help you keep track of your dishes and food items so they don't get forgotten in the back of a cabinet.

You have so many options that it can be confusing, so talk to your contractor and let them know you need help with a small kitchen. They can offer ideas that might make the space seem bigger and that actually increase the storage space you have without making your kitchen seem crowded.