Textures To Consider When Customizing Your Wood Flooring

30 June 2021
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Your home's flooring should never be treated as an afterthought since it plays several roles. The expanse of this material has a direct influence on the aesthetic value of your residence, so you need to ensure that not only does it complement your interior décor but that it also ties in the overall appearance of your home. Additionally, it needs to be robust so that it can weather constant foot traffic and the myriad of activities that your household engages in.

With that in mind, it is unsurprising that wood flooring remains a sought-after flooring material despite having been around for decades on end. But how can you personalize this material to match your home's aesthetic? The answer is by choosing the right texture, as this will alter the appearance and feel of this material. Below are a couple of textures that you can consider when customizing your wood flooring.

Hand-scraped wood flooring

If your interior design is characterized by a rustic aesthetic, you could be thinking that regular wood floors will suffice. However, what you should know about smooth wood floors is that they do not add character to the space. Hence, when remodeling your space, you should consider the hand-scraped technique to finish your pre-existing floors. With the hand-scraped finish, the remodeling contractors will utilize chisels, scrapers, and, in some cases, knives to create a puckered surface.

There are two main advantages that this finish offers. First, it adds an antique touch to your wood floors, and this complements the pre-existing rustic décor of your home. Second, this finish results in flooring that requires minimal upkeep, as you will not have to worry about dents, chips, and scratches that would take away from the visual appeal of the wood flooring.

Wire-brushed wood flooring

Homeowners that are enamored by laid-back interior décor schemes such as a shabby chic décor, Bohemian interior design, and so on would probably want wood flooring that can reflect this preference. Generally, you should consider avoiding high-gloss wood flooring as this will not only contrast the effortless approach you have taken with decorating your home but will also warrant arduous maintenance.

A better solution for your home would be a wire-brushed finish. As implied by the name, this finish is created by running a hard-bristled brush along the surface of the timber. The technique will add a tactile feel to the wood while also revealing the heartwood, and this adds warmth to your laid-back interior décor style. Once the wire brushing is complete, the remodeling contractors will add a matte coating to the floor that works to highlight the wire-brushed effect.