Signs That Your Kitchen Cabinets Need To Be Replaced

12 August 2021
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Most homeowners don't seem to worry about cabinets when doing kitchen remodels. And if they do, it's probably because the cabinets are damaged. Some homeowners might attempt to save money by simply replacing the cabinet doors. Of course, that can make the situation a bit better, but it will get to a point when refacing can't cut it anymore. Some problems can only be addressed by installing new custom kitchen cabinets.

So, if you're planning to do a kitchen remodeling, inform your contractor that you want custom kitchen cabinets installed as well. If your cabinets are in good shape, you might as well stick with them. But how can you tell that your cabinets are in bad shape? Well, the following red flags should tell you that it's time to get new cabinets installed. 


It isn't unusual for mold to grow in your kitchen cabinets. In most cases, mold grows because of the steam that comes from all the cooking in your kitchen. Mold can also grow because of water leaks. While it might look like a minor issue, it can cause allergic reactions among your loved ones. Besides, you don't want mold coming into contact with your food. 

To avert such risks, you can decide to clean the mold if the cabinets are in good condition. The other solution is to replace the cabinets, especially if they're old and riddled with mold.

Nasty Smell

If you open your kitchen cabinets and you're met by a nasty odor, it's time to have them replaced. The funky smell can be a result of mold, rotten food, or even pests. As you well know, cabinets have some nooks and crannies that are difficult to clean. If these spaces are left unchecked, they'll harbor dirt, pests, and mold. This will ultimately bring a nasty odor that won't go away until you rip the cabinets out.

You Want to Change the Layout

When you decide to change your kitchen's layout, there's no way you'll stick with old cabinets. You'll need to get custom kitchen cabinets to go along with a new kitchen design. Besides, a kitchen remodel is all about improving the usefulness of space, creating more room, and decorating your space. The best way to achieve that is by replacing the old cabinets and changing the layout of your cabinets. 

Damaged Cabinets

Some damages are beyond repair; not even refacing can solve such issues. If you feel that your cabinets are showing signs of wear and tear, have them replaced. Some of these signs include doors not closing or opening, knobs coming loose, and rough edges on the cabinet shelves. 

If you notice any of the signs discussed above, task a kitchen designer or remodeling expert to help you find the perfect custom cabinets for your kitchen.

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