How to Remodel a Small Bathroom to Look More Open

4 January 2022
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If you're renovating a small bathroom, there's a good chance you'll want to give it a more open feel. How do you make a small space feel bigger, though? These 6 tips will help you give your home's small bathroom the boost it needs.

Natural Light

Even the addition of a single, larger window can make a major difference. Natural light makes all spaces look better and bigger. You can amplify the effect by strategically placing a large mirror to reflect the natural light into the bathroom. This will spread the light around and ensure there are few dark spaces.

Open Fixtures

Wherever possible during a bathroom remodeling project, try to avoid boxy fixtures. If you can install a sink with an exposed bottom, for example, it will make the room look more open. Replace shelves that have solid sides with ones that use open rails. Wherever possible, try to open the view of the bathroom rather than blocking it.

Light Colors

Dark color choices, especially ones that tend to the black side, make rooms look tighter. While dark bathrooms are very trendy, they typically work best when the bath space is large and open. In a tight room, you need everything to reflect light. Consequently, you'll want to employ lighter colors.

Bear in mind, you can still use dark colors as accents and focal points. You just don't want them to be the dominant features of a remodeled bathroom if it's small.

Hidden Storage

When possible, try to tuck storage out of sight. If you can place storage above the toilet and behind the shower, for example, do so. The less storage and stored items in the line of sight, the more open the bathroom will look.

Avoid Stark Lines

Strong dividing lines will generally make a bathroom seem smaller. By allowing features to flow into each other, you can reduce your eye's focus on anything specific. Avoid contrasts whenever possible, too.

See-Through and Semi-Transparent Materials

See-through materials will open the viewable space. Where privacy is a concern, you can use semi-transparent or frosted materials to allow light through. If you're comfortable with doing so, consider using a frosted glass pane on the bathroom door to open the room up.

A glass shower is always a looker regardless of the size of a bathroom. However, it makes a huge difference in a small room. For maximum effect, install a shower that has glass panes that go the whole way to the floor.

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