3 Critical Factors That Affect Toilet Placement

20 January 2022
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The placement of the toilet in your new bathroom is one of the most impactful decisions for the entire renovation. The toilet may not seem like a big part of the overall bathroom design, but certain unavoidable factors give its placement outsized importance compared to its physical size. These factors also necessitate that toilet placement be one of the first considerations in a remodel.

To help you with your layout, here are the three most important toilet location factors to understand. 

1. Toilet Clearance

Toilet placement isn't just about the physical unit. It's also about the space left around the toilet for comfortable use and appropriate access. First, there are building codes you must adhere to. For instance, a minimum of 15 inches should be kept free on either side of the toilet (measured from its center). In addition, you must keep between 21 and 24 inches minimum clearance from the front of the toilet. 

Obviously, small bathrooms can be seriously hindered in the layout by these parameters. This is why you may need to consider the toilet's location first and fit many other elements around it.

2. Toilet Comfort

Of course, building codes address the minimum you must do. However, does this really leave bathroom users feeling comfortable in your space? Those 15-inch clearances around the toilet may still feel oddly claustrophobic to a user. And because the toilet is one of the most-used fixtures, that uncomfortable perception will be among the biggest impressions the bathroom leaves.

Comfort issues mean that rather than planning to do the minimum, you should try to always do more than that. Rather than only 21 inches of free space in front, you may want to try 30 inches. However, this can further limit your toilet layout options. 

3. Toilet Visibility

One of the biggest rules of thumb in bathroom design is that the toilet should be kept from the main line of sight as much as possible. It should never be the first thing one sees when entering the room. This is why many toilets are located behind the door, off to one side, or in a toilet closet. However, following this precept further limits how many options you have for toilet placement. 

Where to Start

Clearly, meeting the goals of code enforcement, comfort assessment, and visual appeal can be challenging when the toilet is involved. The best place to begin is by consulting with an experienced bathroom remodeling contractor in your area today. Together, you can find just the right spot for your porcelain throne. 

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