Use Remodeling Services To Make A Galley Kitchen Feel More Open

14 February 2022
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A large kitchen in an open layout home is one that likely feels open and inviting. However, you may own a home with a galley kitchen that can look and feel closed off at times. The great thing is that you do not need to do a complete remodel to improve this aspect of your kitchen. Work on several additions and upgrades with help from remodelers to get the desired results.


An easy way to make any kitchen feel open is by adding windows. So, you can expect this addition to work for even the narrowest of galley kitchens. A window at the end of the kitchen will make a huge difference because you will see the outside from wherever you are. Another place to install a window is in front of the sink or cooktop, where you spend most of your time.

While standard windows will help, you can also add garden windows that protrude from the walls. These windows are great for growing plants and giving them all the sun they need.


Living in a one-story home allows you to install skylights in the kitchen. In some cases, you may not have much empty wall space, limiting your ability to add standard windows. Skylights are a great alternative because they can give you fresh air, natural light, and an outside view.

Although you will not see your front yard or backyard from skylights, you can see the sky and watch the sun, rain, snow, and clouds throughout the year. Think about where you spend the most time in the kitchen, and then work with remodelers to add skylights overhead.


While you can replace your cabinets, you may only need to modify existing ones to make your kitchen more inviting. Replace some cabinet doors with glass doors and remove a few of them entirely to create open shelving. These two changes will reduce the closed-in feeling. You can even add lighting inside the cabinets with glass cabinet doors to put pieces on display.

In most cases, you will find that lighting alone can make rooms look inviting. Another great idea is to paint your cabinets in light colors or even white because they will open up the kitchen. The sunlight coming in from outside will also reflect off the cabinets to make the room brighter.

Enjoy a galley kitchen that feels more open after working on these remodeling projects.

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