Design an Accessible Bathroom with the Right Planning

12 April 2022
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Remodeling a bathroom or designing one from scratch comes with the opportunity to add features for your unique lifestyle and needs. If you're eager to make accessibility a priority, there are plenty of features to consider to achieve this goal. 

Whether you're designing a bathroom with seniors or children in mind, you can be reassured when you prioritize safety features. Consider the following projects and tips to make the bathroom accessible and reduce safety hazards. 

Keep All Ages in Mind 

If your goal is to design a bathroom with safety in mind, you need to consider what features will be the most helpful. Young children, for example, won't benefit from grab bars due to the typical height at which they're installed. Seniors, however, could find grab bars helpful in getting in and out of the shower or bathtub. Making sure the bars are installed at the appropriate height and that they're mounted firmly will ensure they're as effective as possible. 

Keeping the age of all your family members in mind can ensure that the bathroom is designed with their mobility in mind. This extra effort will reduce the risk of injury and ensure the bathroom feels custom-made for your family and usual guests. 

Avoid Slip and Trip Hazards

With an alarming 81 percent of injuries in the bathroom being due to a fall, you'll need to make an effort to reduce this risk. Non-slip bathroom rugs are essential to include, along with adding traction to the shower or bathtub. 

Working with an experienced bathroom designer or remodeling contractor can help match you with safety features to reduce most risks of slips and falls. Reducing standing moisture with a ventilator, for example, can be quite helpful to prevent the floor from becoming slippery. 

Design for Your Needs

The age of the people using the bathroom or their mobility limitations can affect the layout and design that works best. Anyone using a wheelchair, walker, or cane could benefit from an open layout free of obstructions. The type of bathtub or shower you have can also play a significant part in accessibility, making it ideal to compare walk-in tubs or showers with a door rather than a curtain. 

Finding the ideal features to include in your bathroom and considering any mobility limitations will significantly reduce safety risks. By considering the above tips, you'll be able to design your bathroom so that each family member feels comfortable using the bathroom without great risk.  

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