Top 3 Energy-Efficient Home Improvements

20 September 2022
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Looking to make some improvements around the house? If so, consider improvements that will boost your home's energy efficiency. In doing so, you'll be doing your part to protect the environment while also saving some money on your energy bills. Not sure which home improvements offer the best deal in terms of energy savings? There are a few to consider.

1. Window Replacement    

If your home's current windows are old and drafty, replacing them could help to keep your home more comfortable year-round while also cutting down on your energy bills. As a general rule, you can expect most types of residential windows to last for around 20 years before they'll need to be replaced. Energy efficiency windows installation can reflect heat away from your home during the summer months and help keep warm air inside your home all winter. As a result, your home's HVAC system works less throughout the year.

When shopping for energy-efficient windows, look for features such as low-emissivity (low-E) glass coatings, multiple panes, and quality frame material.

2. Appliance Upgrades 

Another way to cut down on energy use around your home is to replace outdated appliances with newer versions. This can include your dated refrigerator or gas stove, but you'll see the biggest difference when you upgrade your HVAC appliances (such as your furnace and central air conditioning). Today's appliances are much more energy-efficient than those made even 10-15 years ago, so you could start saving a pretty penny on your energy bills. In fact, replacing your old furnace with a high-efficiency model could save you as much as 40 cents on every dollar.

3. New Insulation

Depending on when your home was built, it may be poorly insulated or not insulated at all! Believe it or not, it wasn't until 1965 that the United States building code began to require insulation on all new homes being built. This means that if your home was constructed prior to 1965, it could be lacking insulation, resulting in a lot of energy waste. By adding or upgrading your home's insulation, you can drastically cut down on your energy usage. The same applies to adding insulation to previously non-insulated spaces, including garages and attics.

These three home improvements can help you cut down on your energy use while keeping your home nice and comfortable throughout the year. Now, which project will you take on first?  

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