4 Helpful Shower Remodeling Tips And Ideas

28 October 2022
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Remodeling your shower can be very rewarding. When you're all done, you will get to shower in a space created to suit your own needs and design specifications. But how do you go about choosing a style and layout when having your shower remodeled? Here are a few tips.

Choose a versatile tile

Tile trends come and go. One year, colorful tile might be in style. The next year, heavily patterned tile might be the latest trend. You don't want your remodeled shower to look out-of-date after a year, so go with a more traditional, versatile tile. Simple, rectangular tiles in either white or neutral color will never look outdated. If you want to add more character, you can do it with a row of accent tiles along the ceiling, at waist level, or even between the tub and shower walls. This accent is easier to replace down the road if you decide it's no longer fashionable.

Have a soap nook built-in

Are you always looking for a place to set your soap or shampoo when you are showering? This problem is easily solved by having a soak nook or shelf built into the shower wall. Your shower designer will just cut an area out of the drywall, between the wall studs, creating a recessed portion. This nook can be covered in tile like the rest of the shower, so it will look like a unified part of your shower. However, it will make your shower so much more usable and handy.

Use textured tile on the floor

If you're going to have a tile floor rather than a tub, make sure you choose the floor tile carefully. Only use tile that is specifically recommended as floor tile. Other tiles may not have enough texture to remain "non-slip" when wet. Using large floor tiles and smaller wall tiles, but in the same color, is a good way to create a unified shower design.

Choose your shower head height carefully

How high on the wall should you mount the shower head? This depends on your height. Instead of letting your designer mount it at the standard height, go stand in the shower space and let them measure. You'll be glad you took the time when your shower head is positioned perfectly.

With the tips above, you can design and enjoy your new shower to the fullest. Talk to your contractor to learn more about shower remodeling options.