Use Kitchen Remodeling To Make The Space Easier To Clean And Maintain

13 January 2023
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When you primarily eat homemade meals, you may put extensive time and effort into cleaning and maintaining the kitchen. For instance, you might cook breakfast, lunch, and dinner there multiple times per week, and your household may grab drinks and snacks throughout the day.

While you may enjoy the cooking, you might want to save time on upkeep and cleaning. If so, you can hire kitchen remodelers to make several changes that improve this aspect of the room.

Undermount Sink

Changing your sink to an undermount one will make an immediate difference. A typical sink may have a lip around the edges, which adds a layer of difficulty with getting dirt and crumbs inside the bowl. However, an undermount sink is advantageous because there is no lip, so you can take a cloth or sponge and easily push crumbs right into the sink.

While this might be a simple change, you will appreciate it over months and years when you need to get rid of crumbs at least once or twice for most homemade meals. The feature also reduces the chance of making a mess if you push crumbs off the edge to catch them.

Touchless Faucet

Another feature that will make a noticeable impact is replacing your faucet with a touchless one. This change helps because you will no longer need to touch the faucet handles or reach around the back area of the sink to wash your hands or rinse fruits and vegetables. This simple change ensures that wet and dirty hands will not drip and splash along the back side.

A touchless soap dispenser is a smart feature to pair with a touchless faucet. This setup prevents you from needing to touch anything around the sink when you have dirty hands. Over time, you will need to clean the sink, faucet, and the entire area around the sink less often.


Changing your cabinets can make the whole room easier to clean and maintain. A smart move is to modify or replace the cabinet doors instead of all the cabinets. The doors on cabinets are the most important change because you touch them regularly.

For instance, you can replace the existing hardware with large knobs or pulls. This move makes it easier only to touch the hardware to keep fingers and hands from making marks on the doors. Another change worth making is investing in lacquer cabinet doors. They will provide a smooth, even, and easy-to-clean surface that only takes a quick wipe down when they get dirty.

Make your kitchen easier to clean and maintain with kitchen remodeling services.