5 Tips For Redesigning Your Kitchen During A Remodeling Project

19 July 2023
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Remodeling your kitchen can be an exciting but challenging project. The kitchen is the heart of your home, and creating a functional and visually appealing space requires careful planning. Don't go into the process blindly, since you need to know the following things when remodeling a kitchen.

Plan and Prioritize

It's crucial that you plan and prioritize your goals when remodeling your kitchen. Assess the needs and shortcomings of your current kitchen and how they can be improved within the space. This includes things like storage, functionality, and layout. Identify the key features and elements you want to incorporate into your new kitchen so that they are prioritized during the remodeling process.

Optimize Space and Layout

If you are not adding any square footage to your kitchen, making efficient use of the space is key for a successful remodel. Consider the concept of the kitchen triangle, which is when you have a smooth workflow between the refrigerator, stove, and sink. If getting to one of those three places involves walking around an island or traveling to the opposite side of the kitchen, you will have a very poor layout that will bother you once you start using the kitchen.

You should also try to optimize the space so that you're maximizing your storage. Don't worry about having too many cabinets or drawers, since it is more likely that you will not have enough. Try to optimize space that is not frequently used in a kitchen, such as corner space underneath countertops. Lazy Susans and drawer-style cabinets can help you reach the back of spaces that normally go unused.

Pick High-Quality Materials

It's important to invest in high-quality materials when designing a kitchen. The countertops and doors see daily wear and tear and need to hold up to years of abuse from people using them. Material like a quartz or granite countertop is going to be incredibly durable, and porcelain floor tiles will withstand most items that fall on them by accident. Adding hardware to a door can help reduce the number of times the cabinets are touched, which extends the life of the material and keeps them clean.

Remember Lighting

Never forget the importance of light in a kitchen. While it can be difficult to visualize how light will work when creating an overhead kitchen layout, you'll want to put light fixtures in places that let you see what you are doing. This includes lights that are under cabinets and on top of the cutting surfaces, or track lighting that allows you to change the position of lights at any time. 

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