Should You Eliminate The Primary Suite Bathroom Door?

4 August 2023
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A growing trend in primary bathrooms is to dispense with the door separating the bathroom from the bedroom area. Should you join this trend or ignore it? Find out by weighing these pros and cons.

The Pros of Removing the Door

When you get rid of the bathroom door, you have more space to work with. This is especially important when the bathroom isn't as large or airy as you'd like. The biggest space saver isn't the bulk of the door, of course, but the clearance needed to swing it. 

In addition to freeing up space, removing the door also removes a physical and visual barrier. It lets light travel more freely if the bathroom is a little dark on its own. It may also help with ventilation and temperature control throughout the entire suite. 

In general, many primary suite users simply don't use the door. So why spend money and time installing one when you could refocus that budget and effort on something you find more useful? 

The Cons of Removing the Door

Of course, any remodeling design decision can come with its negative aspects. Eliminating the door eliminates any option of closing it should you ever desire to. This may mean more noise at night as well as odor problems. 

You may also need to take extra precautions to prevent moisture issues in the main suite. Without the door to trap steam and spray, other methods must trap that moisture where it belongs. Good ventilation, waterproof materials, and smart layouts help. 

From a visual perspective, it's even more important that you mind where you place fixtures in the bathroom. There is no door to close, so you don't want to stare at the toilet or shower all the time. Not every layout can make the right adjustments to prevent this unintended consequence. 

Finally, you're making the decision for future buyers (and yourself if your living situation changes). Sure, you may live alone and never use the door, but will a future couple or family want a door instead? And what about when trends shift and a doorless bathroom is no longer a hot commodity? It could date the space. 

Where Can You Get Help? 

Which factors are the most important in your decision? Can you hedge your bets with a compromise, such as a pocket door, instead? Find out by meeting with a home remodel service in your area.