5 Features To Make Your Kitchen Family-Friendly

23 March 2023
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How family-friendly is your kitchen? If you live in a busy household with many members, including small children, the kitchen is likely a big part of your day. But what makes a kitchen more family-friendly? Here are a few things to add to your new kitchen with your family in mind. 

1. Split-Level Islands 

Homeowners of all types love the beauty and practicality of an island. But is your island practical for the smallest members of the house? Look for a split-level island with at least some of the counter space lowered for the use of little ones. This encourages them to help bake or cook, participate in kitchen chores, or work on crafting projects where parents can oversee things. 

2. Electrical Access

Today's families need electrical outlets and charging stations more than ever, even in the kitchen. Failure to include enough electrical access can result in cords and devices everywhere, frustrating kitchen work, and even arguments. Integrate electrical connections and dedicated charging areas as you design the kitchen for the most cohesive and least interruptive locations. 

3. Seating Places

Give your kids a comfortable landing spot in the kitchen for impromptu parent-child time, homework, playdates, or even game night. Seating is different in every kitchen design, but it can be on one or several sides of a freestanding island, at a kitchen table, along a peninsula, at a mobile island, or in a breakfast nook. 

4. Kitchen Desk

Many kitchens used to come with a built-in spot that served as a desk for kitchen and home office business, like paying bills, figuring out recipes, and making phone calls. Yours might end up serving as a homework or virtual school desk, a place for the household laptop, or a mobile device station, but it's just as important. 

5. Accessible Snacking

Let kids and spouses help themselves to some items in the kitchen by customizing your storage. An accessible portion of the pantry or a separate snack pantry near the door allows people to come and go with their own snack foods, breakfast, coffee, or beverages. Go a little extra with a more accessible second sink, coffee bar, mini-bar, or water fountain away from the main work areas. 

Where to Start

Ready to begin making your remodeled kitchen more family-friendly? Begin by meeting with an experienced remodeling contractor in your area today. They'll help you design a room that meets everyone's needs and keeps everyone in the family happy. 

Contact a local home remodeling contractor to learn more.